Welcome! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Hi i'm Umberta an italian artist.
I love animals , nature and drawing ; and I decide to combine all my passions to create something truly unique and special: The portrait of your pet
Welcome to my world !

I use only colore and quality papers to achieve an excellent and lasting result.
My site is called "Dipingo solo animali" I only paint animals, and this is what sets me apart from other portraitists.
For this my followers appreciate me and they ask me a portrait of the furry friends.
(Please sorry!!! if this translation is not perfect.)

📌Now,to male the job easier I invite you to sand all the requests of into in a single message.
If you a like to tell me someting about you furry friend, I would be very pleased and it would useful.

✏There is a waiting list so will confirm the times based on the list.

✏You can cancel the order job within 7 days from deposit ,it will be retourned to you.

✏Payments can be made only PayPal 

🔵50% deposit to guarantee your place, 
🔴the work will be sent only after the final payment.
🔴 If you cancel the job after seven days, or if the balance is not paid, the  deposit will not be returned.
Ask for the price!